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The Dustless Blaster is the fastest, most cost effective surface preparation tool there is. It can remove virtually any type of coating from any material very quickly and without creating heat or a dust plume.

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Remove paint and oil from their surfaces. No need to shut down production!



Our services strip the bottom paint of all Fiberglass, Steel, and Aluminum boats.

Graffiti is a problem that plagues virtually every community. It detracts from the aesthetics, decreases value and can even deter customers from visiting a business. Pressure washing won't get rid of it, and sandblasting can destroy the original material. Sodablasting kills nearby grass and plants.

Dustless Blasting obliterates graffiti, leaves the original surface intact, and leaves the nearby plants unharmed.


 of South Florida


Dustless Blasting is the perfect machine for stripping cars and fleet vehicles. No warping, no rust!