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  • Tools
  • Equipment
  • Machinery
  • Swimming Pools
  • Gates
  • Railings
  • Concrete 
  • ​Stone
  • Mortar
  • Grout
  • ​Patios​
  • Patio Furniture
  • ​Line Removal

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It mixes water and abrasive inside the blast tank. Water drastically increases mass and energy the machine puts out, while eliminating dust. Imagine throwing a handful of dry sand, versus throwing a handful of wet sand; which one is going to have a more significant impact on the target? Not only will the wet sand hit the target harder, but it won't disintegrate and become a cloud of dust like the dry sand will. This is the very principle behind Dustless Blasting.

Dustless Blasting of South Florida is a booming service company based on the revolutionary innovations created by MMLJ Manufacturing. MMLJ's newly released machines are now being used in South Florida to satisfy the needs of our customers.

So, how does the Dustless Blaster work?

  • Fiberglass Boats
  • Aluminum Boats
  • Steel Boats
  • Barnicles
  • Intracoastal Ladders
  • ​Rust and Corrosion
  • Cars
  • Fleet Vehicles
  • ​Graffiti
  • ​Motorcycles
  • ​Aircrafts​
  • Pipes​​